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American Evolution Pt. 1

I was never a history major, however I loved components of history and it's significance in the present. When I was taught about the relationship of history and present and future choices, that's when I realized how important history truly is. I can't remember when the connection happened, however it changed my life in such a way, that I felt compelled to be a part of history in the making. When I think of statements like I just wrote, "I felt compelled to be a part...", I can hear the little voices of negativity saying, "play your position." "oh, there she goes thinking she is more than who she is." etc. After hearing these make believed voices of negativity, I wonder to myself, is this how Martin Luther King Jr. felt? Is this how Maya Angelou felt? Is this how Malcolm X felt? Is this how W.E.B Du Bois felt? Is this how James Baldwin felt? Is this how Toni Morrison felt? So on and so forth.

These significant members and many more, of change; of activism, what is known as the Civil Rights Movement, were fighting battles so monstrous, so unbelievable. Did they have make believe voices or even real life people around them that were saying, "that's too big for you". "You will never accomplish that?" "Who do you think you are?" A course they did! However, they pressed on, and they continued against evils, wrong doings, threats, doubters, against all odds.

I moved to Virginia 16 years ago, and I moved to Petersburg, VA 15 years ago. Petersburg, VA is a significant part of history. A significant component of the Civil War. Well, this is not a history blog, so I will not go into detail. I have attended several conferences, professional developments, institutes etc. and I voice my opinions, my works and my activist strides. I believe strongly in doing the work. Words are important, and can impact a person's life however doing the work is what actually make things happen. When you can combine the words with action, you are destined to make an impact, a change. Every molecule of impact is significant to the larger compound of change. Do the work, and continue to do the work despite all negative imaginary voices, all real life voices, the screamers and the whispers, despite doubts internal or external, and change will come. Do the work!

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