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American Evolution Pt. 1

I was never a history major, however I loved components of history and it's significance in the present. When I was taught about the relationship of history and present and future choices, that's when I realized how important history truly is. I can't remember when the connection happened, however it changed my life in such a way, that I felt compelled to be a part of history in the making. When I think of statements like I just wrote, "I felt compelled to be a part...", I can hear the little voices of negativity saying, "play your position." "oh, there she goes thinking she is more than who she is." etc. After hearing these make believed voices of negativity, I wonder to myself, is this how Martin Luther King Jr. felt? Is this how Maya Angelou felt? Is this how Malcolm X felt? Is this how W.E.B Du Bois felt? Is this how James Baldwin felt? Is this how Toni Morrison felt? So on and so forth.

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