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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Welcome to A Seat At My Table!

By Takisha Ogunyemi

I would like to start off with the fact that you have made it to my third issue and I am proud of you! In this day and age, we want it fast, we want it quick and we want it now. So, the fact that you have made it to my third issue means, you may value relationships. You understand the concept of patience and building relationships. That's to be admired!

Business 101

When you decide to go into business for yourself, and become an entrepreneur, there is more to it than, developing a business name, logo and website. You have to develop your mission. Whether you are selling clothes, food, your services etc., what's your mission? Who are you selling to? Your brand is a combination of your mission and the relationships you build with your target audience.

Build your Relationships!

You can build relationships multiple ways. You can be personal (that's my favorite) or you can use a variety of platforms. I will start with the personal method. This is the method I am most comfortable with for my cake business. I have customers that have not only ordered from me multiple times, over the years, but truly have wished me nothing but success and growth. These customers are not only invested in getting a delicious O-So Good Cake ( but in seeing me and my business succeed. That's the power of building personal relationships. Now, if you are not the personal type, you can use platforms that allow you to stay anonymous or not so personal, and just focus on selling your products or services.

A Seat at My Table!

Takisha Ogunyemi, President of Young Entrepreneur Association, Inc.

In this issue, at my table are women that value building relationships. These entrepreneurs, not only sell their products successfully, but while doing so, they support other businesses and their communities as well.

Tahrah BatYahudah is the owner of, The Fourth Tribe. Although, Tahrah recently launched her clothing brand, she has established

Tahrah, Women's History Month 2022

supportive relationships within her community that supports her business. While promoting her brand, Tahrah enriches the community in religious faith, determination and the support of Black owned businesses.

Melissa Face is an accomplished writer and author ( Throughout Melissa's writing career, she has interviewed

Takisha and Melissa, Women's History Month 2022

and supported women and their professions, businesses and motherhood journeys. Through her writing, Melissa has openly expressed her journey of motherhood, which has reached audiences locally, nationally, and internationally.

I have known both of these women for many of years, and as a collective board, Young Entrepreneurs Association, Inc. (YEAVA) celebrated them, along with a few others for Women's History Month. Building their brand and businesses, while building positive relationships in their communities are truly admirable.

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