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Can a mother get some support!

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The time is now! As I sit in my bedroom thinking about the design of my next cake order, my 6 year old's spelling assignment, laundry, dinner tonight, whether I brought all of the items needed for Thanksgiving's dinner, my car needs, developing my next social media post, responding to emails, the pandemic and so much, much more; I also think, this is the time to be the change.

For years, working women had to choose a career or choose motherhood. Many try their best to find some sort of balance in between, which can be mentally and physically exhausting and may limit their career ambitions. Mothers that work in a male dominated workforce face many challenges beginning with pregnancy. Women can feel punished economically or ethically for deciding to choose motherhood or for choosing to pursue their careers. In my strongest opinion, women are not supported in the workforce or in society as they should be. It's like we want a better society of well raised humans however we punish women often for choosing motherhood or ironically, not choosing motherhood. Mothers compete in the workforce not only against males but against childless women.

I noticed a lot of young women on my social media platforms posting about not wanting children. How motherhood is not "their thing", and I just couldn't blame them for feeling this way. Not only is motherhood not supported in the workforce, it's truly the most scariest job a woman will ever take on. From choosing the right partner, to being financially ready and then attempting their best as a mother to not "mess up". What's on many mother's minds constantly is, being blamed for their child(s) not coming out right, not becoming a successful member of society. Because we all know the truth, we always go back to the parents when a human doesn't make good decisions for themselves or others. Mothers carry a lot of responsibility for a society that doesn't support them. We all want to live in this wonderful society of good humans however are we truly supporting what we desire?

Recently, I had to make a hard choice and I choose motherhood. I choose what I felt was best for my family and I during a national pandemic. I choose the decision not supported as it should have been. Do I blame what has been in place since the Industrial Revolution, women fighting for equity against a male dominated workforce, a male dominated society? Do I blame myself for being a single parent? Do I blame keeping my child? No, I blame anyone that can make changes and are choosing not to do so. This is the time for change. As we saw with the Black Lives Matter Movement and with electing the first woman Vice President of America, Kamala Harris; this is the time for change. Employers, Corporations, Organizations, and Government officials can now support equity and diversity in the workforce, in America, better now than ever before. Women should no longer feel that they have to choose motherhood or a career. Whether or not they will get that job, that promotion or simply keep their job because they had to take care of their sick child; because they choose motherhood. We want a more equitable society, a society in which we all want to live in, well it starts with supporting women, supporting mothers. Supporting women in the workforce is needed more now than ever before.

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