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No cream, No sugar! Sometimes straight black is all you get.

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

No cream, no sugar is what I got this morning from McDonald's in my coffee. That's not what I asked for however, that's what I guess she felt like I should get, as she rushed me through the drive-thru this morning. I knew something was up, when she quickly handed me my bag of oatmeals and cup of coffee all at once. I didn't even have time to put my car's gear shift in park, and she was reaching out the window for me to take my order. I thought at first, wow, what great fast service. Until, I told my oldest son to look in the bag with the oatmeals, and he noticed that there were no packets of apples or raisins. Luckily, I had only driven one block or so. I quickly made that left turn into a closed restaurant's parking lot, in order to turn around legally. I didn't need to get a ticket because of apples and raisins.

I was in the middle of putting on my face, you know, my makeup, so I sent my oldest son into McDonald's to ask for the missing items. The woman that prepared the order saw me parked outside of the door and waved sorry, as she gave my son the missing apples and raisins from my order. Okay, problem solved, right? I wasted some minutes having to go back to correct my order, and now I am debating whether or not I should stop at WAWA for my cup of ice. The ice helps me to get in my daily water intake, as I truly can not stand to drink plain water. I know I need to stop and get my ice or else risk not getting my daily intake of water today. I decided that I would stop at WAWA.

As I am turning into a parking spot in front of WAWA, a woman is walking to her vehicle in the space to the right of the one I want. She has a cup of coffee in one hand and a cup of ice in the other. I realized it will take her some time to put her drinks in her drink holders, get in her vehicle and close her door; I just didn't know how much time. It seemed like she purposely took forever to close her door. After a couple of minutes, maybe one, who knows. I saw her put her drinks down in her car but she would not put her left leg inside her car and close her door. Did she not see this sleek, freshly cleaned black Benz trying to park? Does she not realize that WAWA is extremely busy in the mornings with people trying to get what they need and get to work? Why was it taking her so long to put that left leg inside her car and close her door? After waiting what appeared to be forever, I slowly begin to drive my car forward, trying my best to maneuver into the spot with her door still opened and her left leg planted on the pavement. She finally seen that I was getting into that spot whether she moved or not and she put her leg inside her car and closed the door.

After parking, I quickly went into WAWA to get my cup of ice, and there were two women standing in the walk way of the ice machine, holding a conversation. I mean right in the way. The one woman who was completely in the way, did not look as if she was going to budge at all, so I said excuse me as I got closer. You know she still didn't move. I had to swivel around her like she was a roundabout. Ridiculous! I got my cup of ice and as I turned around, another woman was so close to me that by me just turning around, I bumped into her and I think I stepped on her foot. It all happened so fast, I can't even remember if I did or not, and truly my mind was really on the fact that she was so damn close to me. She apologized, I quickly accepted, and now I am heading back to my car. I just knew the women would be done with their conversation and would be out of the way. Nope, they were still standing there holding their very important morning board meeting. Give me a break!

After dropping my boys off, I finally got to work, and I made it there on time, which was absolutely surprising, with my morning of u-turns, roadblocks and traffic jams. I sat at my desk to drink my coffee and my coffee is black, no cream, no sugar. Not only didn't she put the raisins and apples in the bag, she also, didn't put the cream and sugar in my coffee as I had asked; which brings me to my metaphor.

Sometimes, life has to give it to you straight black, no cream, no sugar. This organic truth balances out all of the other days. Everyday can not be roses and sunshine, free of no u-turns, roadblocks, or traffic jams; free from inconsiderateness. Sometimes, life is organically strong and rich in the truth; which is, sometimes, not all of the time, but sometimes, people test to see what they can get away with, people are inconsiderate, people feel entitled, and people are envious. It is in these moments, days, and times, that we grow stronger; stronger in patience, stronger in faith, and stronger in tolerance. I will drink my coffee this morning straight black, no cream, no sugar. I will not like it's bitter truth but I will tolerate it this morning, because I will not let the actions of inconsiderate people ruin my day!

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