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The day I put myself first, without guilt or regret!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

People with big hearts, that are emphatics of society's woes, have a very difficult time putting themselves first. It's like asking a zebra to take off their stripes, and a leopard to remove it's spots. Having a big heart, being emphatic is not a part of me, it is me. It's who I am. So, when I was told over and over again, "Takisha, take care of your self first". It sounded good, the person meant good however, it was one of those popular sayings that were easier said than done. The day I put my self first, wasn't really a day, it was months and months of choices, hard decisions, tears and loneliness. You see, some people like for you to bend to their will. Some people like for you to appear as if you need them so, I found myself surrounded by those people, not knowing for years that's what I was doing.

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